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Why won’t MS take x64 Computing Seriously?

This is the second time Microsoft has let down Vista 64 bit users who are also photographers. The first was on the lack of RAW codecs for Windows Photo Gallery, which the PIX team blamed on the Camera makers.

Today, a new tool, "Pro Photo Tools Version 1", for pro photographers was released.

And there is no support for x64. Thanks, Microsoft! I salute you, again, for your support (and I don’t mean the 21 gun type of salute..)


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Nikon RAW Codec Updated Again. Still No Vista x64 Support

The MS PIX folks have listed the features and fixes.

The folks at Nikon have earned my complete disdain for their unwillingness to support Vista x64.

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Microsoft GPS 360 and x64 and x64 Vista – Getting 64 bit support

Microsoft and Pharos seemingly don’t want to support 64 bit Windows computing on XP x64 or Vista Betas x64 with 64 bit GPS drivers. Here’s how I got everything working on both platforms and with Mappoint 2005 and MS Streets and Tips 2006.

1. Download the Prolific driver from

and expand/extract to a folder on your hard drive

2. Edit both inf files and change all instances of the ID to USBVID_067B&PID_AAA0

3. Plug in the GPS 360 and use the browse option to point to the folder where the files including the edited versions reside. Accept the unsigned driver if it displays.

4. Open Mappoint/Streets and set the comport (most likely the highest one displayed).

5. Enjoy 64 bit support!

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