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Shop with Your Eyes Open for Sales at Best Buy

I’ve had a few adventures at our local Best Buy where an item shown on sale at a good price on the web is more expensive at the physical store. Recently this happened with a leather case I bought for a Zune Player. I argued at the cash register and at the service desk and got no where as the web site they brought up had different prices. I had to go home, print out the web site and go back to the store with a print out and wait for someone with the authority to check the real web site. I got my refund.

The State of Connecticut is helping consumers everywhere by pushing this one hard.



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CompUSA really Closing 128 Stores

The number goes up. Consumer choices go down. The consumerist has revised the story originally published. Stores were supposedly told yesterday.

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Top 5 Reasons Not to Trust C|Net Reviews

I just saw C|Nets "Top 5 Reasons not to Buy Vista".

This seems to be yet another clueless drone talking head with really no credibility.


So, why don’t I trust C|Net reviews?

1. They are unabashedly anti-Microsoft

2. Their reviewers have no technical skills

3. They want to increase hits and their content is editorially slanted to achieve this

4. They are unabashedly anti-Microsoft

5. Do you really want to base your purchases on someone who only gives good reviews to advertisers products?

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