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Microsoft RAW Codec and Windows Media Center

Yesterday (see previous post) I wrote a little about the newly released Microsoft RAW Codec. One of the first things I did was try my latest batch of Nikon RAW NEF files from a balloon festival earlier this month. I had so-so results, especially inside Windows Media Center, where thumbnails appeared, but after selecting an individual image file, WMC could not display it. This set of images was shot with a D7000 DX camera, in order to take advantage of the longer reach of FX lenses used with it. I normally carry both a D700 and a D7000.

As it turns out, for whatever reason, the Microsoft RAW Codec does not support the D7000. I’m not sure why, since Adobe and others now support it, and the D7000 has been available since mid October 2010.

Anyway, if you have a supported camera, the new codec most definitely is supported inside Windows Media Center if you want to view your RAW images there. You won’t get detailed EXIF info in View Details, but you certainly can display your images on a large screen. The screen capture below shows one of the folders (highlighted) from an Orchid Show I attended in 2009 where I shot with my D700 and the Nikon 105mm Macro lens. Thumbnails appear as expected.




July 27, 2011 at 2:54 pm

Microsoft Photosynth for iPhone (Wow)

Available in iTunes now. A free app that stitches panoramas and guides you through every step of the way. Integrates with (LiveID required) where you can further edit your creations.



April 18, 2011 at 7:48 pm

Microsoft Surface Computing

I was intrigued and dazzled by the surface computing technology used in the Minority Report movie where objects and images could be moved around on screens using finger tips to drag them around.

Turns out this was not entirely fiction. Microsoft has unveiled a technology called Surface Computing that has many of the same features. MSNBC is running a really good background piece on this new technology.

Pop Mechanics got an up close and personal view. Here’s their video:

Look for this at T-Mobile stores, Harrah’s in Vegas and Sheraton (Starwood) Hotels. It’s a mere $10,000 per unit, but when the price comes down, I know what my next living room coffee table will be.

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MS Excel 2007 Compatibility Stupidity

About a year ago, I used a beta of Excel 2007 to save a bunch of worksheets in Excel 2003 format to avoid compatibility issues. Never gave it a thought in spite of some warnings later on about not being able to open in later versions of Excel 2007.

This morning, I tried to open several of these in RTM version of Excel 2007. Got a nastigram display box that these xls files were incompatible and I needed to install the beta version of Excel 2007. WTF?

I have Excel 2003 on my corporate laptop. Took a USB flash drive with the files in question over to that laptop. Absolutely no complaints from Excel 2003 and they opened just fine. I resaved them in Excel 2003 and replaced the ones that wouldn’t open. Mission accomplished.

Excel 2007 is pretty dumb if you ask me.

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